We are thrilled that you are enjoying all of the oil samples we have in our studio and have heard that you want the option to buy a few of these without having to order online.

Knowing you love the lavender towels at the end of your practice, you can now purchase your own bottle of doterra Lavendar and make them at home! Simply put a few drops of this essential oil into a bowl of cool water, soak a couple of your favorite washcloths for a few minutes, wring out the excess water, roll them up and store them in a cooler bag or Tupperware container in your refridgerator.

Remember that not all oils are created alike, be sure to use a high grade one certified pure therapeutic grade! These oils last a really long time and their shelf life is about 5 years.

We also have a vial or two of Serenity, restful blend available. It’s a wonderful blend of lavender, cedarwood, ylang ylang, marjoram, roman chamomile, vanilla and vetiver (there may be other oils, but my eyes tired trying to read the small print!)

Onguard is another oil blend that supports healthy immune function and has cleansing properties. We use a few drops of this oil in water to clean the studio. No need for harsh chemicals here!!

Finally, with all of the moisture and heat we are experiencing this summer, we will be encountering some insects. A non chemical deterrant that is considered safe on our bodies is TerraSheild /Outdoor blend. We have a couple of these sprays for purchase as well.

We still have the Deep Blue Rub and the trio started kit as well.

If you have any questions, you can always browse our book section, see me or visit my online store. See you all soon!