Jill Sansom

E-RYT 200, Co-owner

Jill has worked in the healthcare profession for many years, starting with direct patient care before elevating to management and administration. Her professional journey was supported by a holistic wellness lifestyle, which included aerobic exercise, biking, hiking and various other forms of physical fitness. When she first discovered yoga, the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits were nothing short of miraculous, and she realized she wanted to teach yoga and share this amazing practice with others.

Indigo Yoga Loft is the result of Jill and her life and business partner Matt Baker’s years of personal discovery and hard work. Health and mindfulness are Jill’s passions, and she is dedicated to helping you realize your own personal wellness goals.

Before opening Indigo Yoga Loft, Jill worked for various yoga studios, wellness and fitness clubs throughout the Pittsburgh area. She has an Associate of Science (AS), Radiologic Technology/Science – Radiographer, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is a  registered yoga teacher with her 200 hour training completed at Stray Dog Yoga in Wexford PA and completed her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in May of 2017. 

Jill recently was certified as a licensed Yoga Tune Up® teacher and integrates this amazing training into her yoga and movement classes as well as offering dedicated Yoga Tune Up® classes and workshops. This training further specializes her to teach private clients as well as group movement classes.  

Jill’s passion is to inspire others to be their radiant selves, by trusting their intuition, being authentic and incorporating healthy foods and choices into their lives.  She believes that everyone has a unique path towards wellness and appreciates individuality and choice!

Britney Kwiatek

RYT 200

Britney Kwiatek is an RYT specializing in beginners, vigorous flow and restorative practices. Her training comes from a 200 hour YOGAworks certification, 2013. Her study was done under the mentorship of Anna Gilbert Zupon at Breath Yoga Studio. It is Britney’s mission in conjunction with the mission of Yogaworks to teach a signature style balancing precise instruction, alignment with breath, fluid movement andthoughtful sequencing. Britney’s educational background is a BA in English literature from Dickinson College, Carlise, Pa. Work history involves sales management positions in major medical device companies. When She is not practicing yoga or spending time with her family, as a busy mom of 2 boys, Jude and Julian, Britney loves running, Cross training, Mud Runs and 5K’s. Rooted in Pittsburgh, Britney looks to share her passion of Yoga to the community.

Nichelle Moran

RYT 200

Yoga feeds my center! It creates awareness with its stillness, and defines my presence through it’s movement.  I stumbled upon exactly what I needed after years of beating myself up physically and mentally. I became a certified RYT-200 in 2013 after many years of regular time spent on my mat in various studios identifying mentors throughout a brilliant yoga community! Personally my practice has grown, and continues to shift over time.  My goal is to connect a powerful flow to mindful observations with enthusiasm and joy at each breath. I want to share with each student who walks in the door a passion to find their sense of self and just enjoy the moment!

Root to rise…to greatness! Nichelle

Elizabeth Small

RYT 200

Elizabeth is a wellness enthusiast. She earned her Associates degree in Dietetics from the Community College of Allegheny County in 2011 and loves to share her knowledge of healthy living with everyone she meets. Elizabeth grew her fitness knowledge by completing her 200-hour teaching certificate in Baptiste Style Power Yoga in August of 2016. Her love for yoga could not be contained. She feels compelled to share her passion with the local community. For Elizabeth, yoga is more than just a killer exercise, it’s been physically, emotionally and spiritually healing. Yoga is a life changer. When she is not at the studio or teaching at a local library you can find her hanging out with her husband and two cats, reading, drinking tea, hiking, or spending quality time with her friends and family. Elizabeth enjoys creating creative flows to challenge the mind and body while focusing on safe alignment in her classes. She is here to serve her community and looks forward to seeing you on your mat soon!

Jill Pappas

RYT 200

I discovered yoga over 20 years ago but did not become truly dedicated to the practice until 2012. The introduction of hot yoga & power yoga resonated with me. I went from studio to studio trying a variety of teachers and styles and loved each and every teacher that I practiced with. About 4 years ago, I landed at a studio close to my home and as a regular student I quickly learned to listen to my body. Even though I was witnessing amazing changes in my overall strength and body composition through power yoga practices, I quickly realized that my body was telling me to add variety. Listening to this message, I started adding in more gentle and restorative practices and discovered that this new awakening was transformational!

I adore how my yoga journey has taught me to listen to my body and want to encourage others to find the same! I also love how my practice gives me the opportunity for constant learning as a student and an instructor. Time on the mat gives me peace and serenity and it is a time I look forward to every day, even if my sole focus is to watch my breath and to breathe!

I truly, whole-heartedly, am 100% convinced that EVERYONE needs yoga and that EVERYONE can do yoga. I am a RYT 200 hr certified instructor thru South Hills Power Yoga and enjoy practicing all forms of yoga, experiencing new styles, and techniques. You don’t have to be flexible or young. You don’t have to sit on the floor and twist like a pretzel. Let me show you how you can have a beautiful yoga practice. I want to help my students learn all that they can about yoga and to show them how to find what they need from their practice in both mind and body. I adore showing people the many benefits of this beautiful practice. I love when friends far and wide message me that they have started a regular practice. Warning: you will fall in love with it….Warning…it is addicting.


Lynn Duda

E-RYT 500

 Lynn has an extensive background in wellness and fitness. For over three decades, she has been owner and instructor of Linz-Exergetics, Inc., teaching a variety of classes including Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Senior classes, and Personal Training.
She holds a 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 E-RYT) registration with Yoga Alliance, and a 200-hour Yoga certification with the Himalayan Institute.
She has studied asana, meditation and philosophy with many renowned experts, such as Doug Keller, Richard Freeman, Donna Farhi, Cindy Lee, Dharma Mittra, David Swensen, Judith Hanson Lasater, Rolf Sovik, Shari Friedrichsen, Sandra Anderson, Ana Forrest and many other qualified teachers.
Lynn is also a PA licensed massage therapist (PA-MSG #000252) and Reiki master.

Erin Scanlon

Erin believes in embracing life – learning, growing and finding the opportunity in every moment. She loves the way yoga brings a balance and connection for your body, mind and spirit that she finds is unlike any other form of fitness. Erin discovered her love of exercise at age 11 as she followed along to her mother’s step aerobics DVDs. She began her fitness teaching journey as a spinning instructor almost 20 years ago. Since then, she has expanded her teaching to include boot camp, strength conditioning, personal training and yoga certifications. She received her yoga teacher training through American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) and continues to look for opportunities to grow in her personal practice and in her teaching. Recently she completed a Yoga Anatomy certification through Yoga Medicine/Yoga International developed by Tiffany Cruikshank.

Erin really enjoys her work as the intranet manager at her company and loves to spend family time with her husband, two boys and dogs.

She tries to take what she learns on her mat and bring it with her throughout her daily life. Some days, this can prove to be easier than others. The great news is every moment is a chance to practice.


Gigi Gerben

RYT 200

Gigi has been practicing yoga since her college days. She received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Duquesne University in Psychology and Education/Counseling, along with a graduate degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, Yoga, on and off the mat has been a grounding place in her life. Gigi trained in classical yoga tradition by completing her yoga teacher training at the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh, and is an RYT-200 hour teacher with Yoga Alliance. While her personal style is a blend of Hatha yoga and vinyasa flow, she teaches various styles of yoga. Gentle yoga classes are Hatha-based, while more advanced classes are influenced by vinyasa flow.

Gigi also studied with Cyndi Lee and completed her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee in 2016. She also is certified in Yoga for All, having completed this certification with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes. Every body is truly welcome in her classes. With a background in psychology, the effects of yoga on healing trauma is of particular interest to Gigi. She has done some study in this area and will be pursuing further training in this area with Hala Khouri. Having experienced the healing power of yoga herself, Gigi is inspired to bring yoga to all populations. When she is not teaching or practicing, Gigi can be found researching the migration of the Northern saw-whet owl and hiking, biking, and kayaking with her family.

Amy Pelkey

RYT 200


Amy believes we all face stressful situations in life. The details vary, but the feelings are universal. In 2015, feeling overwhelmed by work as a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) while balancing motherhood andsense of self, Amy enrolled in an eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class. Shelearned to routinely meditate and expanded her yoga knowledge beyond the physical practice.

The MBSR benefits were so great, she repeated the course not realizing how helpful it would become while navigating grief following the loss of her stillborn daughter in September 2016.

To deepen her yoga practice, in August 2017, Amy completed her yoga teacher training through South Hills Power Yoga. The solace, restoration, and sense of community she found in her training led her to teaching in the Washington area. In addition, Amy co-created Pause to Remember, a grief supportmeditation and yoga workshop for mothers after miscarriage and infant loss.

Amy trained with Jillian Pransky in New York City, receiving her Restorative Yoga certification in 2018. Combining her love of yoga with her medical background, Amy trained with Tari Prinster, earning her Yogafor Cancer (y4c) certification in 2019.Amy strives to use yoga as an awareness and stress reduction tool, recognizing every student has a unique journey through life.


Jenna Marsh

RYT 200

I began practicing yoga several years ago but was fairly inconsistent in my practice. Two years ago, in an effort to focus more on my health and wellness, I came back to my mat and I haven’t looked back since. I fell in love with the style of Power Yoga, the heat of the room, and how it made me feel. Both the physical and mental benefits I receive from the practice affirmed that I wanted to share these benefits with others. I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training in July 2018. Applying the philosophy of yoga to our everyday lives is also an interest of mine. I look forward to seeing you on your mat!


Lonni Potts

RYT 200


Lonni’s practice of yoga is helping people to help themselves since the real teacher is within each of us. Teaching is her inner drive to share with others the many, many benefits that practicing yoga can encompass a well-being for everyday living. She believes that by pursuing an individual’s passion is cultivating an inner peace that fuels the energy in the mind, body and soul.
Sharing her passages of yoga with others is opening the door to new beginnings. She begins her yoga teachings with the mechanics that provide the student with the confidence to take their practice to their desired level. The daily practicing of using the breath and mind draws inner-awareness to the body to maintain and sustain the yoga asana. Breath work is a tool that helps clear the channel of emotional and physical energy.
Lonni holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Washington & Jefferson College and a Bachelor’s in Education from Robert Morris University. Outside of the studio she teaches high school Accounting, Computer Applications, Careers and Computer Science. 

Jessica Streeter

RYT 200

Jessica has been practicing yoga off and on for many years but became devoted to her practice in a deeper way after the birth of her son in 2014. She realized that yoga is much more than practicing the asanas and that her mental, physical and spiritual health were stronger than ever the more she practiced and studied all aspects of yoga. She completed her 200 hour teacher training through Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh in 2017 and believes that yoga is for absolutely everyone. “Whether a posture is modified, advanced, perfect or imperfect, it’s all yoga, it’s all beautiful and it’s all necessary.”

Julie Sites

RYT 200

I first stepped onto a yoga mat in my early twenties, but only became serious after becoming ill in my thirties with chronic pain. I found that yoga allowed me to heal and stay healthy. My first hot yoga class resonated with me as I couldn’t believe how rejuvenated I felt! Yoga has also allowed me to let go of self doubt and pieces of the past that no longer serve me. I earned my RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certification from South Hills Power Yoga, specializing in vinyasa flow. As I’ll always be a student of yoga practice, I am grateful for the wisdom my teachers share with me. My teaching approach is to speak to the students’ nervous systems. Strengthening it by syncing the breath with movement. Emphasizing the balance between conscious effort and surrendering into poses. Setting the tone with a playlist for focus or flow, I want to create a full yoga experience.

Deanne Criste

E-RYT 200


Deanne was first introduced to yoga with a VHS tape in 2004. She completed yoga teacher training in 2009 at the Savannah Yoga with strong knowledge base in many styles of yoga. Baptiste Power Yoga came in and transformed Deanne’s practice and teaching. Deanne has taught yoga in college wellness centers, yoga studios, retirement communities, and many outdoor venues in Georgia, West Virginia, and now in Pennsylvania. She loves to teach power, yin, restorative, chair, aerial, and sculpt yoga classes. Deanne is an advocate that yoga is for everyone and brings yoga to other activities as well. Deanne also maintains a group fitness instructor certification, water exercise certification, and is a Rock Steady Boxing coach for those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Marlynn White

As a teacher, artist, and advocate for animal rescue, I found yoga to be a fitting practice and passion in my life. Yoga helps to develop self-awareness, increase strength and flexibility, improve the mind-body connection, and manage stress and anxiety. I’m a high school art teacher at Carmichaels Area School District and I decided to bring my love of yoga to students with an after-school program. High school can be a difficult time for kids and I wanted to be able to give them a practice that they could incorporate into their daily lives and continue as adults. I also wanted to have an activity available to anyone, no matter size, shape, gender, fitness level, or flexibility. I completed Level One training with YogaFit in 2017 so that I could begin this journey. Since then I have been working toward YogaFit’s 200 hour training and have successfully been teaching at school programs and events, as well as various studios and fitness centers.