Special offerings this month!  February 2019

Meditation – Yoga + HIIT – Soul Body – Silent Sukasana – Intro to Essential oils*

First Monday of the month morning meditation at 10:45 AM

Yoga HIIT – First Wednesday of the month at 6AM  THIS WEEK

Soul Body  – A tarot inspired intimate yoga class – 2/19 at 7:30PM –  $20

  Yoga with headphones and a DJ = Silent Sukansana 2/22 at 6:00PM –  $15           

Intro to essential oils – complimentary 2/7 at 12PM  OR 2/21 at 7:00 PM

*Full details on the website.

Regular yoga class schedule updates:

  • Hatha yoga on hold until March
  • Tuesday evening’s 6 PM Flow Stretch and Strengthen is now 60 minutes!  We have shorted this class based on your recommendations!

To support your practice

  • Jade yoga mats – now in the 74” length  (pink ones are 71”)
  • Yoga jellies are back in stock – 3 colors to choose from.  These silicone discs can be used to support your knees, wrists, or any other part of the body when you need a bit more cushion for your practice.  We have two sets you can try out before making the purchase commitment.  $55
  • Lavender silk eye pillows are available to enhance your restorative practice, or your regular savasana.  $10 
  • Tank tops and T-shirts with the IYL logo

To support your healthy life!

  • Various Essential oils in our retro display case.  Check out the newly added index cards to get a quick education on each oil. 
  • Complimentary Intro to essential oil classes 
  • Infrared Sauna with full spectrum heaters.  The best temperature range for maximum benefits is between 105 and 135F.  Single and multiple sessions passes are available for one or two. 

Our two-year anniversary will be March 1, 2019.  Watch Facebook and your email for specials coming the first weekend in March.