We have had a couple of people ask about yoga mat cleaners and if we would consider stocking it for sale.  We wanted to share some information about this.  We are Jade Yoga mat retailers and follow their guidelines for how to clean mats, which is basically using water on a per use basis.  In the studio, we have a very light mixture of water and tea tree oil, which we make ourselves with doTERRA essential oils.  For this reason, we aren’t able to provide this mixture in something to sell, but would be happy to assist you with the recipe to make your own!

Here is a copy of the information directly from the Jade Yoga website:

How do I clean my yoga mat?

For regular mat maintenance and routine cleaning, we recommend wiping your mat down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis. If you have a vigorous practice, or are doing hot yoga, we recommend doing so after each use.

If you’re looking for a deeper clean, we’ve found that washing your mat with a simple solution of 3 parts water: 1 part white vinegar works great! Just wash the entirety of your mat on both sides with the mixture, rinse the mat with hot water at the end to get rid of any vinegar-y smell, and allow it to air dry (do not leave in direct sunlight, as direct sunlight will damage the natural rubber in your mat). We’ve found it easiest to wash mats in the shower, and then hang them over the shower to dry after cleaning them.  You may also use a bath or dish soap, but just be extra careful to fully rinse the soap out to remove any residue to keep the mat from becoming slippery.

The really important thing is to NEVER use alcohol, petroleum based solvents or high concentration essential oils on your mat. Unfortunately these cleaning products adversely impact the natural rubber in our mats, causing it to break down and dry out. Essential oils also may cause your mat to become slippery.  We’ve got a mat wash on the horizon, and we’re working on perfecting our own formula. ‘Til then the good old water and vinegar combo is your best bet!