We hear this so often, in relation to so many things that I thought I would write a shot of perspective. When you hear the term lighten up, what do you think of? Is it your attitude, your mood, what you are eating, or some thought or idea that you are holding on to that no longer serves you? Perhaps taking notice of the first thing you do think of needs a little bit of attention.

With spring in the air, we are bombarded with suggestions to get lighter and “body ready” for the summer months, but what does this mean to you? Certainly getting ready to wear lighter fabrics and pack up the winter footwear is in order, but is there something else you want to do this season? Is there a calling to change the way you have been eating? Is there a calling to add more physical activity into your life? Or is it time to be more accepting and kind to yourself?

If the answer is related to eating, do you want to eat more whole foods and higher quality ones? If yes, what path should you follow? Trying to decide this can be overwhelming, as the amount of conflicting commentary available on the subject can lead you to mental exhaustion trying to decide. I imagine why many of us don’t make long lasting changes is partly because of this!

So, what do you do? Keep it simple. Start small and keep it manageable. Eating less processed and more whole foods can be the first step. Reading labels and appreciating that much of what you find in prepared foods is not something that will really serve your greater good. Taking a look at the amount of added sugar in foods can be a giant eye opener. Awareness is power, as appreciating that sugar is the leading cause of inflammation in the body. Shifting just some of your eating patterns can have a big impact!

Quality counts! Not everyone can purchase organic, local or farm raised produce, but when you can add this to your choice at times, it can make a difference. There is a great new book on the market by Mark Hyman, MD titled Food, what the heck should I eat? I love this book as it keeps things simple and digestible. He references science and “debunks misconceptions.” One item that is routinely discussed is the role of fat in our diet. If you enjoy eating meat and love an occasional piece of bacon, than picking up this book is a must for you!

In our studio, we have a number of resources at your disposal. There is a bookshelf that you can browse through for ideas and many client members with experience and knowledge to share. I encourage you to get to know who you are practicing next to the next time you are in the studio, and if I can assist you in any way, please contact me directly!

Remember some say – If it doesn’t rot, don’t eat it!

To your health!