How often should I practice yoga?  Another great question!  You can practice as often as you want or whenever it works for your life and schedule!  Some people come to the community yoga space once a week, while others are there two or more times.  In my short time as a studio owner, I have seen people’s schedule ebb and flow, but once they realize all of the amazing benefits, they seem to make an effort to come in regularly.  Even if you can’t make it to the studio, you can incorporate a personal yoga practice at home, especially with the internet available at your fingertips.  There are numerous websites to visit where you can select the kind of practice you want and the duration of time you have, from restorative to beginner, or a more advanced practice. A short practice with attention to a calming breath and some gentle movements can enhance your day and is better than not doing one at all!  Start small and be kind to yourself.  Our new client special will give you access to unlimited classes for one month for $30. So, even if you make it in once a week, you will have the opportunity to try this out!  We look forward to meeting you!