Thanks to the recommendation by Jen Stratakis, (one of our family of instructors) we have another book on our reference shelf titled Yoga as Medicine : The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing, by Timothy McCall, M.D.

When it arrived, I opened the book and read the page that I landed on. It was a chapter about heart health and the benefits of yoga on the cardiovascular system. We are all very familiar with suggestions to “open the heart” or the area in front of the chest while we practice our asanas, but I hadn’t put much thought into the idea of how a yoga practice reduces stress and thereby can improve one’s cardiovascular system.

When I hear the word inflammation, I tend to think of our physical joints, like our knees, shoulders, hips and lower back, but inflammation happens throughout the whole body. This includes our vasculature (our blood vessels) system, including the heart. It is scientifically stated that when we decrease stress in our lives and our bodies, we decrease inflammation in our bodies, which helps everything, including our heart!   (Feel free to look at this book the next time you are in the studio)

While many of us practice for the strength, balance and flexibility improvements, as well as the calming and mindfulness benefits, we can also put heart health on that list!

February is heart health month, and a month where we bring increased awareness to love, balance and patience! Join us as we take moments to emphasize this awareness, as each of our instructors puts their authentic stamp on their teaching and includes some attention to our heart!

If you missed our most recent newsletter, you can find it listed as one of our Blog posts. An expanded list of upcoming events and classes was shared.

This month we will be honoring our love of animals as we offer a spOIL your PET complimentary class on how to use essential oils with your pets.

Sunday 2/11 at 4:30 PM (sorry – pets are not invited to this class)

Friday 2/16 our 6 PM Vinyasa Flow class will be a donation class to benefit the Washington Humane Society

Finally, Thursday 2/ 22 our guided meditation with Dorit Brauer and the signing bowls will be focused on Heart Health begins with Love! $45

To your heart health!