Here is some information to help you.

  • Arrive early and with enough time to allow you to get signed in, put your belongings away, take your shoes off and find a place in the studio for your mat and to gather any props you may like to use.  The door to the lobby will be locked during the class and if you arrive after the start time, you will unfortunately not be able to get in for the class.  We do this to secure everyone’s belongings as the only staff on site most times is the instructor leading the class. 

**If it is your first time in the studio, arriving a good 15-20 minutes early will provide you with enough time to complete some registration paperwork, pay for your class, and become familiar with the studio. 

  • Turn your electronic devices off and place them in the personal belonging space in the lobby.  If you have a reason to keep something with you in the studio space, please let the instructor know.  We do this to respect everyone’s experience and to allow a space where you can detach from the rest of your day and enjoy some quiet for yourself. 
  • Bring water, a mat, a towel and any other belongings to support your practice.  If the class is heated, you may want to bring a towel with you to place on your mat, or to have under your hands.  We can provide one hand towel per person that can be used during your practice and to wipe down your mat afterwards.  (we have mats for rent and for purchase too)
  • Come to practice well hydrated.  We want to encourage everyone to be hydrated before and during their practice, especially during the warmer classes.  While hydration is helpful to prepare for class, eating a large meal right before a class can be disruptive and lead to a feeling of being uncomfortable during it. 
  • Take responsibility for the energy you bring into the studio.  We strongly encourage you to make friends with the instructors and other customers and want everyone to feel welcome.  We also want everyone to take a few minutes before the class starts as an opportunity for slowing and quieting down.  Please consider holding your conversations in the reception area before you enter the studio space. 
  • Questions or comments are always welcome, especially before or after class.  Please feel free to speak with the instructors.
  • Room Temperature – We understand that everyone’s tolerance and comfort levels are different and we try to find a balance for everyone.  Our non-heated environment will be between 74-78 degrees on average: this can be affected by the temperature outside, the humidity, and the desire of the instructor with the style of class being taught.  Our warm classes will be in an environment between 85-88 degrees on average. If you do find yourself feeling uncomfortable, we suggest taking a posture such as child’s pose or any seated posture to cool down and catch your breath.  Our team will continue to balance the needs of everyone and we appreciate your understanding.