Our LouAnn will return on July 16, 2017 from 2-3:30 PM to offer a Restorative Yoga with Healing Touch session. This exclusive event will be reserved to only eight participants. We will offer a pre sale to our active current clients starting May 31. To secure your spot, contact us directly at 412-257-3200. The cost will be $20. Starting June 12, we will open the registration to anyone if there is still room.

On July 19,2017 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM we will host a Chakra Balancing Meditation Workshop with
Dorit Brauer from The Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine.

Learn to heal yourself at this two hour meditation and guided imagery workshop!

The guided meditation is accompanied by the relaxing sound of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, which induce alpha wave level activity of the brain, balance the hemispheres of the brain and resonate within every cell of your body, creating health, balance, and harmony.

Cost: $45 per session
Space is limited, please pre-register and pre-pay early.

Author Dorit Brauer

Dorit Brauer, Author of “Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes” shares her spiritual adventure.

The Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine