AS we approach the end of October, we have to pause and appreciate that we are entering our ninth month at Indigo Yoga Loft!  So much has happened and we cannot be more grateful for everyone that has contributed to this shared space success.  We continue to flex our schedule and offerings based on your feedback and desires.  We have a talented and passionate family of instructors and hope that you have taken advantage of meeting as many of them as you can!

We wanted to share some of our upcoming classes and also what is in the creation phase… we are still finalizing dates, times and instructors.

This weekend is another complimentary Introduction to Yoga workshop on Saturday, October 28 at 12:00 PM. If you have friends, family, neighbors or coworkers interested in exploring this opportunity, we would appreciate you sharing this with them.  Sunday evening – BEFORE the Steeler’s game, at 6:30 PM, we have our Essential Yoga class which is enhanced with doTERRA essential oils.  This is a wonderful way to experience the power of nature, while enjoying a gentle yoga class suitable to everyone – Beginners too!

Then next weekend – November 4, Cynthia Steely returns to this space with her Props workshop.  She is calling this Tools with Intention, to draw attention to how using blocks, straps, walls and yoga blankets can enhance your practice.  So often we hear that people feel they are cheating, or not doing something “correctly” when they use a prop to support a pose, which couldn’t really be further from the truth.  Let Cynthia show you how to incorporate them into your individual practice while having a lot of fun!  Advanced registration is $25 or $30 at the door.  1-3PM

November 9 – Dorit Brauer’s guided meditation with the signing crystal bowls returns.  This is a powerful session, that should be experienced at least once!  $45  6:30-8:30 PM

November 12 – Louann’s restorative and healing hands workshop.  Experiencing the effects of her blessed presence, along with the magic of her hands is another gift we are fortunate to share with you.  Only 7 to a class.  $25

Still in the works – A Holiday client appreciation evening in December, perhaps pot luck style!  Donation of the month – Make a Wish foundation of Toys for tots.  Two classes with Meredith – Revamping your Recipes for the Holidays and Eating well through the Holidays.  We will host 2 of each class.  $15 each.  Another Empowering your Health series in January for anyone that didn’t get the chance to join our fall session.

See you soon!!