We hear this very often from people that are guided to practice yoga from a variety of sources.  Some hear it from their physicians or other health care providers, while others from friends and family, or after reading an article or watching something intriguing on one of the socials.  But where do you start?  And what yoga will work for you?  Are you looking for a way to relax or restore, are you looking for an alternative physical movement class, are you wanting to find more balance in your life and in your body?  Luckily you can find all of this plus so much more in yoga!

This can be a bit intimidating to begin a search, as there are a lot of options out there!  Take some time to research the available websites for locations close to you.  And then call the studio and ask to speak with the owner or someone on the team that can answer questions for you.  Most studios and wellness centers will offer some type of new client special, which makes it easier to try a class or two.  This allows you to see first hand if the “feel” is right for you, and if you feel welcome and comfortable. 

At Indigo, we offer a 30 day pass* for access to unlimited classes for $30.  We also offer a variety of classes and instructors to give you a broad experience, whether you are newer to yoga or have been practicing a bit longer.  We encourage you to customize your time in the yoga studio with yoga blocks, knee cushions, yoga straps, bolsters, etc.  And our experienced team is well versed to help you. 

Sometimes the fear of coming into a group setting for the first time can also feel a bit scary, but we do a great job of making you feel very welcome and safe.  As an option, we can also offer you a 30 or 60-minute private session before going into the class setting.  This is a way for our team to work with you and answer questions, as you are the ONLY focus!  We also offer a beginner’s series every other month where you can come for 4 weeks in a progressive learning environment and get a more thorough experience with some of the basic postures.

We are really big on safety and respecting where each student is on their journey.  We feel you are all friends and we take our roles very seriously, yet we are fun and love humor as well.   We understand there are many options for you to consider when deciding where to start, and want you to know that we feel privileged to be in a community with so many wonderful yoga teachers and influencers! We are grateful that what get to do what we LOVE everyday!


*30 days is a one month pass