May 18, 2019 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM – See May’s theme below!


There are so many connections between tarot and yoga. The tarot is a visual story and patterning of archetypes while yoga poses embody specific characters from warrior and dancer to cobra, dog, lion. Each pose and each card have an energy to them, a flow, rhythm, a balance. Our moon phases also contain a rhythm, and the full moon in particular is the culmination of a cycle that brings to light what we need to see. These are just a few of the tools we can use to discover and know our souls and bodies on the deepest level, and we combine them for a fun and enlightening 90 minutes in this class led by Gina.




Class includes a 30-minute circle discussion where we’ll review our theme for the evening and then move into one-card readings interpreted by Gina for each person; 30 minutes of soul-filled and heart-focused yoga; and a 30-minute guided meditation to boil down all of our messages into a practice you can take home with you. You’ll also hear drumming and harmonium sounds to raise the energy in our space.




May’s Theme: the Page of Pentacles. Think of this Page as a call to childlike curiosity and fascination with why you do the things you do. Expect inquiry around your interests and hobbies, your work, your goals — what about them drew you in? Is it time to pursue something you’ve been putting to the side? Or is it time to let go of something that doesn’t align?




$20 – Registration through the website or call us! – Limited to 10 lucky people!