Does it matter what your yoga mat is like? The short answer is YES! While you can purchase a labelled yoga mat at area super stores, they are not all created equal. Are you slipping, are your knees hurting when directly on the mat, or is your mat disintegrating in the studio? These are signs that it is time to try something else!

There are lots of good mats available, with varying qualities, in different thicknesses and lengths. These mats are generally available at yoga or wellness studios and through online distributors. At Indigo, we are passionate about the Jade Yoga Mat. For many reasons, including the density and grippiness, we have decided to carry this line for our in-studio mats, as well as have available for purchase.

If you want to explore how a mat other than yours feel, or if you are just plain curious, ask to borrow one of our black Jade studio mats. Decide for yourself if having a higher quality tool to support your yoga practice makes sense!