It is really our love of yoga and teaching that brings each of us to the studio room, and it is the students that attend each class that bring that final uniqueness and creativity to each class.

Unlike many other movement classes, we rely solely on the experience, training, creativity and passion of our talented instructors.  We do not have scripted or choreographed plans, but design intentional, educational and hopefully inspirational or motivational classes. 

As teachers, we are students first, and will find that each of us is just as invested in our own yoga practice and the students that we practice with.  We are continuing to educate ourselves and find more ways to reach out to each one of you in a way that is encouraging, supportive and makes you want to return to your mat over and over again!

We take intentional time to create a format that offers you time to get reacquainted with your breath and your body, give you multiple suggestions and invitations for how to move in a way that feels qualitative and curious, all while being responsible for having different levels of students in each class.  We may start with one idea of how the class will progress, but will quickly change course depending on the mood, level of experience and movement of what we see in each class.  We are extremely flexible and our intention is to support and create a judgment free space!

At times, this flexibility and shift in the class progression can lead to instructors calling the right leg verses the left, as many of you have experienced in my classes for sure!  We are always on “live” without any dress rehearsals or practice sessions, and that is what makes these classes so powerful !  We want to thank everyone for laughing with us at these times and appreciating that we are human with wonderful intentions! 

If you are reading this as a potential new student with us, we encourage you to come in and experience as many of our instructors as you can.  I am incredibly grateful to have the diversity and talents of every one at IYL!!


Jill S