We have introduced a few new types of yoga classes to the schedule and really want you to try them out and share your experience with us! We understand that sometimes getting to your mat for a community practice can be challenging as you juggle your lives, so we have added more times and days so you have more choices.

Sometimes a restorative or gentle yin practice will serve you well, and at other times you may want a little more of a challenge. Our Basic classes are designed so that every level of student can easily follow along – this is perfect for newcomers and those with a more experienced practice as well..   All of the classes are at room temperature (between about 70-74 F) unless otherwise noted.

Our Bikram Method class is very unique to the South Hills – as there are not any Bikram studios located here, so having this addition is unique! We have been fortunate to bring Deborah Kearney to our studio, as she has a strong and compassionate practice and a passion to help others! This style of class is the perfect compliment to Vinyasa Flow styles. During the class, Deborah will lead you into 26 postures, and each one will be done twice. The first half of the class is done from standing and the last half is from the floor. You will not do any planks or chaturanga dandasanas during these classes. And while the room is heated, the body does become adjusted. Please come hydrated and ready to experience an amazing class.

If you have purchased a new client special, you have the chance to come and try all the classes unlimited for 30 days!  And to simplify the registration process, you can use the Mind Body mobile application, or access it through the website.

Using the mobile application can make class selection simple! If you need help with this, please let any of the instructors know and we can help you.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding while we start this exciting journey. We are always available to talk and answer any questions, so feel free to email or call us! We also want to understand if you encounter any challenges using the software, as we are dedicated to making this easy for you all!!

Enjoy your week and we look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!!