Where do I start a yoga practice when I have never done this before??

I am often asked this question and my answer remains the same. “You start where you are and we will help meet you exactly where you are”. What does that mean exactly? Our desire is to be able to give you suggestions and assistance for how your body can move to access the different asanas (postures) without you feeling obligated to “look” a certain way. We have a number of ways to show you how to customize a posture, by using props, such as yoga blocks, blankets, straps, a bolster or even the wall. Attending our Basics or a Gentle class is probably the best option when you first arrive on your yoga mat.

What is the difference between the two types of classes? Great question, as there is a slight bit of overlap. Our team collectively discussed this and identified a couple of ideas we weave into each of the classes. For a Basics class, we will break down the asanas (postures) with a good amount of detail , as we attempt to give you alignment suggestions to keep you safe and in the mindset of exploring how the asana works for your body. You may find yourself holding the posture for a few breaths while the instructor continues to make suggestions while giving you time to explore this personally. We also introduce pranayama, or yoga breath, as the yoga practice uses our breath and movement in a way to quiet your mind, providing a foundation of calmness. Our Gentle class incorporates the same general format of ideas as the Basic class, but typically has a much longer warm up and cool down and the suggestion of postures move a bit slower. Whereas many come to a Basics class, with some experience already, because they understand they can “intensify” the movements to serve them, the Gentle class continues to strive towards a more calming and slower practice.

As a new yoga student, our instructors are dedicated to helping you explore this practice; however, should you want 30 or 60 minutes of one on one time with our team, we do offer private sessions. Please contact Jill directly at jill@indigoyogaloft.com to discuss any of these options!